Preventive Dentistry


Plano Smile Studio has centered our practice on Prevention Dentistry, as opposed to simply emphasizing emergency and repair care.

What most people do not realize is that the supporting gum tissue and bone are just as vital as the teeth themselves. Unfortunately, this important area is often neglected, and prevention is often misunderstood and inadequately stressed.

Spending time with our hygienist before and after your treatment is essential to the long-term predictability of not only your natural teeth, but of any aesthetic, advanced restorative, and implant dentistry procedure.

It is our goal to assist all of our cosmetic dentistry patients in achieving a level of dental health concurrent with their goals and needs.

Teeth Cleaning

To maintain the health of your teeth and gums, it is important to see your dental hygienist for a professional cleaning 2 to 4 times a year, depending upon the condition of your oral health.

Our hygienists are highly skilled professionals proficient in managing all types of gum disease ranging from routine cleanings and pregnancy gingivitis to early, moderate, and advanced periodontal diseases.

Since we feel the prevention dentistry is the cornerstone to a long-term brilliant smile and the key to your long-term dental health, we have put tremendous resources into our Plano Smile Studio hygiene department as well.

At Your Service

In our continued commitment to excellence, we offer state-of-the-art technologies, techniques, and products in our hygiene department. We use digital radiography for your x-rays, which emit 90% less radiation than standard x-rays. We use prophy jet and ultrasonic instrumentation to eliminate stains, which are gentle enough to maintain the original integrity of your teeth. We use several medicated rinsing solutions to help manage your gum disease. Additionally, we use disclosing solutions to help identify plaque, so your most prominent areas of concern are precisely diagnosed.

At Each Hygiene Visit

As we continue to emphasize prevention, we will provide an ongoing examination of your dental health. We will perform an oral cancer screening, check for cavities, a soft tissue evaluation, a bite analysis, TMJ analysis and any functional or cosmetic concern as it relates to you. Your health history is also constantly updated and evaluated. All of these steps are very useful in maintaining a proactive and preventive regime regarding your dental health.

We have also implemented a dental fitness program so we can partner together in maintaining your dental health progress in-between visits.

For Your Convenience

We recommend the SoniCare toothbrush, which is available for purchase at our office. Professional mouth rinses are also available to help maintain your periodontal health. With our compliments, we will send you home with a quality Oral-B toothbrush and floss after each visit. We hope your experience in the hygiene department will be informative, comfortable, and thorough.

Additional Hygiene Services


Dental Sealants

Between brushings, a sticky film of bacteria plaque actually covers your teeth, producing acids that attack your enamel. Careful brushing and flossing can eliminate most of this film, but the chewing surfaces of your teeth can have deep, hard-to-reach fissures and pits where plaque can hide and create cavities. Fortunately, you can prevent his chain of events by having your dentist or dental hygienist apply a “dental sealant” resin to any teeth that have these deep fissures and pits. It is a relatively inexpensive, painless and quick procedure which helps protect the health of your teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

Besides dental sealants, the next best treatment in preventing tooth decay is the topical application of fluoride. Fluoride will remineralize your tooth’s enamel, making it harder for bacteria to cause cavities. We offer both in-office treatments and take-home treatments in our hygiene program.


Some people have an unconscious habit of clenching or grinding their teeth at night. Since it is involuntary, this is a difficult habit to break. However, it is critical for both short and long term oral health to stop this from continuing. The most effective, painless means of preventing clenching and grinding is to wear a custom-fitted clear plastic mouthguard at night, known as a nightguard. When in place, your teeth grind harmlessly on hard acrylic rather than on your other teeth, preserving both the teeth surfaces and positioning of your bite.

At Plano Smile Studio, patients are offered a variety of preventive dentistry treatments. Visit our office or call (972) 398-2550 to schedule a consultation. You can also use our online form to make an appointment now!