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Dental Implants

Tooth loss can have a far-reaching effect on your dental health and personal appearance. When you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth can drift out of position. This can lead to a change in the bite, the loss of additional teeth, decay and gum disease. Dental implants can be an effective method to replace one tooth or several teeth.

Each implant consists of a metal fixture that is inserted into the jawbone and a protruding post, which is outfitted with an artificial tooth. Implants can also support a bridge, replace a partial denture or secure a fixed denture. The process may be completed in one visit or take several months for completion depending on the complexity of the case.

Dr. John M. Hucklebridge understands an attractive smile can not only enhance one’s appearance but also greatly elevate his or her self-confidence. This is why he takes great satisfaction in helping patients missing one or more teeth achieve confident smiles by providing them with dental implants. Dr. John M. Hucklebridge treats each one of his patients with the utmost attentiveness and dedication. This treatment approach helps him ensure outstanding aesthetic results and complete satisfaction of even the most discerning dental implants patients in and around Plano.

Dr. Hucklebridge works jointly with several leading dental implant surgeons in the diagnosis, treatment planning and development of complex restorative and prosthetic cases with regards to dental implants. This approach allows Dr. John M. Hucklebridge to treat even the most complicated dental implants cases and consistently deliver highly rewarding aesthetic results.

At Plano Smile Studio, cosmetic dentist Dr. John M. Hucklebridge strives to provide the finest possible smile makeover results for all of his patients. For individuals in need of a comprehensive approach, Dr. John M. Hucklebridge offers sophisticated combination treatments, such as dental implants in conjunction with teeth whitening. He also has considerable experience helping veneers and Invisalign patients realize their dreams of luminous smiles.

Dental Implant Overview: The Natural Solution

We want our natural teeth to last a lifetime. But injury, decay, disease, and other factors can cause premature tooth loss. When teeth are missing, it’s important to replace them to counteract the degenerative effects that occur with an incomplete smile. Dental implants provide a secure and long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. They look and feel completely natural and are quickly becoming the preferred tooth replacement option for patients who want healthy, youthful-looking smiles. At Plano Smile Studio, implant dentist Dr. Hucklebridge partners with patients to achieve ideal smiles and whole-mouth health. He performs all facets of dental implant placement and restoration to deliver the service you want for the smile you deserve.

Anatomy of a Dental Implant

We want our natural teeth to last a lifetime. But injury, decay, disease, and other factors can cause premature tooth loss. When teeth are missing, it’s important to replace them to counteract the degenerative effects that occur with an incomplete smile. Dental implants provide a secure and long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. They look and feel completely natural and are quickly becoming the preferred tooth replacement option for patients who want healthy, youthful-looking smiles. At Plano Smile Studio, implant dentist Dr. Hucklebridge partners with patients to achieve ideal smiles and whole-mouth health. He performs all facets of dental implant placement and restoration to deliver the service you want for the smile you deserve.

At your dental implants consultation, Dr. Hucklebridge will perform a comprehensive assessment of your needs, take the time to listen to your expectations and concerns, and answer all of your questions. He uses leading-edge equipment, including CT scanning technology, and ability honed by years of experience and advanced training to determine the optimal solution for Dallas dental implant patients. At each visit, you’ll be cared for by a solid team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to deliver an outstanding experience. We offer a comfortable, relaxing environment and provide extraordinary service and quality dentistry.

Dr. Hucklebridge offers a variety of solutions to restore the smiles of dental implant patients, including:

Single Replacement Teeth

Dental implants give you the option of replacing missing teeth without potentially forfeiting the health of teeth nearby. Before dental implants, patients’ only option to fix individual missing or failing teeth was a dental bridge.

Traditional dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by the missing tooth. To support a bridge, it’s necessary to file down the adjacent teeth – even if those teeth are free of decay – and then place a series of dental crowns. A dental bridge typically consists of three crowns. The biggest disadvantage of a bridge is that it fixes the problem of the missing tooth but still requires us to file and crown two healthy teeth.

Our titanium dental implants naturally fuse to your jawbone and therefore are not dependent on support from nearby teeth. Once we place the titanium implant and it has fused to your jawbone, we will restore the implant with a durable dental crown.

Multiple Replacement Teeth

It’s possible to replace individual or multiple teeth using dental implants. When patients are missing multiple teeth, especially teeth next to one another, our office can still use dental implants and ceramic crowns to restore their smile.

Depending on your oral health goals, we can either craft a beautiful partial denture to replace missing teeth or offer solutions using dental implants. We can place multiple individual implants or place an implant-supported bridge to replace multiple missing teeth. An implant-supported bridge functions much like a regular bridge. We place dental implants on either side of the missing tooth and then design a bridge consisting of three crowns – two of which will restore the implants and one to bridge the gap created by the missing tooth.

Patients often find that removable dentures do not offer the support of dental implants or implant-supported bridges. Depending on the condition of your mouth and your overall health, dental implants may be the solution you need to restore your chewing ability and fix the gaps in your smile.

Implant-retained Dentures

Tired of uncomfortable or ill-fitting removable dentures? Our Plano dental practice helps patients overcome their slippery dentures with reliable and long-lasting dental implants.

Dr. Hucklebridge can craft beautiful dentures supported by implants that repair gaps in your smile and replace your missing teeth. The dental implants support your oral device, whether it’s on your upper or lower jaw, and then preserve the jawbone.

This dental implant option is similar to All on 4, but implant-retained dentures can be a more effective solution for patients. The biggest difference between All on 4 dental implants and implant-retained dentures is the method in which they are placed. Additionally, All on 4 dental implants are permanent and cannot be removed by patients.

Patients have the option of making implant-retained dentures removable or permanent. Our removable, implant-retained dentures allow the patient to “snap” their dentures on and off the implants, whereas our permanent solutions can be removed only by our professional staff.

All on 4 Dental Implants
Do you wish there were options that would solve your denture problems and leave your palate uncovered once and for all? Your Plano dental office can provide durable and long-lasting solutions that stabilize your teeth and let you eat the food you’ve been missing out on for years.

Dr. Hucklebridge uses a dental implant method known as All on 4 dental implants to replace entire missing arches of teeth and bring back patients’ chewing ability. Using All on 4 dental implants, you no longer need to worry about removing your dentures at night, having your dentures slide around while you chew, or having your jawbone and gums change shape over time.

All on 4 dental implants are more than implant-retained dentures; they are specifically designed to provide patients with optimal biting force. Dr. Hucklebridge places two implants toward the front of the mouth and then places two more implants at an angle in the back of the mouth.

All on 4 dental implants drastically enhance patients’ chewing ability compared with dentures. The dental implants keep your jawbone from receding, and the All on 4 restoration appliance does not cover your palate. Most denture wearers experience loss of taste because their devices entirely cover the palate. All on 4 dental implants leave the palate open and are natural-looking and are long-lasting.

Dr. Hucklebridge uses the latest technology computer-guided system to position dental implants down to the exact millimeter. Dr. Hucklebridge offers both IV sedation and oral conscious sedation for fearful patients or for patients who need extensive procedures such as All on 4 dental implants.

From start to finish, we’ll make the dental implant process positive, personalized, and successful. Dr. Hucklebridge is a leading cosmetic and general dentist, as well as implant dentist, so he’ll keep your smile looking and feeling its best with comprehensive checkups and cleanings. He also offers premium aesthetic treatments, including porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns, to bring out the best in smiles.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

In addition to long-lasting strength, beauty, and durability, dental implants deliver the following benefits:

  • You’ll maintain a strong, healthy jaw. When teeth are missing, jawbone structure deteriorates. Unlike other replacement tooth options, dental implants actually promote jawbone growth.
  • Dallas dental implants support facial muscles and skin for a more youthful appearance. No more sunken cheeks and curled-in lips that make you look older.
  • No diet restrictions – you can eat the foods you love.
  • There’s no need for denture adhesive, and you’ll never experience slippage.
  • You’ll speak clearly. Teeth play a crucial role in speech – an incomplete smile contributes to indistinct articulation.
  • Existing teeth won’t drift out of position or wear prematurely.
  • Bite alignment (the way top and bottom teeth fit together) is restored for comfortable function.
  • A complete, healthy smile is vital to good overall health. Studies show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than those with incomplete smiles.
  • Dental implant patients experience renewed confidence. They love to smile!

Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants and implant-retained dentures. Contact Plano Smile Studio at (972) 398-2550 or schedule a consultation online.

Sinus Lifts

Dental implant placement requires that you have enough bone in your jaw to support the implant. This ensures that the titanium screw will fuse with bone successfully and provide a secure foundation for the artificial tooth. Patients with extensive bone loss in the jaw can still get dental implants through bone grafting or a sinus lift.

What is a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift or sinus augmentation is a procedure that strengthens the bone in the upper jaw, usually in the back teeth area. The procedure is safe and routinely performed for dental implant patients. First, your Plano dentist checks your mouth and jaw with X-rays or CT scan to determine if there is enough space and bone at the implant site. The dentist then makes a small opening in the bone to lift the sinus membrane. The underlying space is filled with bone from your own body or a bone bank.

This graft stimulates the growth of new bone in the area where the implant will be placed. After the bone is placed, the dentist closes the incision. A healing period of several weeks follows. The dental implant can be inserted once the area heals completely and the bone is thick enough to support the implant.

Do You Need a Sinus Lift?

Good candidates for a sinus lift are dental implant patients with poor bone volume and quality in the upper or lower jaw. You may also need a sinus lift if:

• You have missing teeth (especially molars and premolars) in the upper jaw.
• Your sinuses are too close to the jaw bone, preventing proper implant placement.
• Gum disease has caused jaw bone deterioration.

Dr. Hucklebridge performs sinus lifts and dental implant surgery in one convenient location. Learn more by calling (972) 398-2550 today. You can also schedule a consultation using our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Almost anyone with missing teeth can regain a strong, healthy smile with dental implants. At your dental implants consultation, Dr. Hucklebridge will assess your oral health, medical history, jawbone structure, and individual needs. He’ll formulate a personalized treatment plan to create a firm foundation for a lasting smile. Schedule your consultation today.

Does Dr. Hucklebridge perform dental implant surgery at his Plano office?

Yes, we perform implant surgery for dental implant patients at our well-equipped, comfortably appointed Plano office. Dr. Hucklebridge also works with several implant dentists in the area to ensure that you receive the quality, specialized care you deserve. He’ll oversee the rejuvenation of your smile from start to finish and design the implant process to fit your unique needs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your comfort and convenience. At your consultation, we’ll discuss your individual preferences and create a treatment plan specifically for your individual situation. Call Plano Smile Studio today to schedule an appointment.

What’s the success rate for dental implants?

Dental implants boast a 95 to 98% success rate. With proper care, including checkups and cleanings, they last most patients a lifetime. Come in for a consultation to learn more about this exciting restorative solution.

My smile is only missing a few teeth. Why should I choose dental implants?

Even one missing tooth compromises dental appearance, comfort, and function. An incomplete smile can cause existing teeth to drift out of position, promote jawbone loss, and contribute to poor oral and overall health. Studies show that if a missing tooth isn’t replaced, up to 20% of neighboring teeth will be lost in the next 4 to 8 years. Dental implants restored by implant dentist Dr. Hucklebridge create beautiful, youthful-looking smiles. This proven restorative solution delivers unsurpassed longevity and looks and feels completely natural. We encourage you to call today to reserve your consultation with Dr. Hucklebridge and get started on your fantastic new smile!

I’ve heard of replacement teeth in a day. Is this possible?

Using the All-on-Four dental implants procedure, Dr. Hucklebridge and his team perform implant surgery and give patients temporary replacement teeth the same day. After your jawbone heals and the bone fuses with the implant posts, you’ll return to our office to receive permanent replacement teeth. Call today to see if the All-on-Four dental implants procedure from Plano Smile Studio is right for you.

I have loose dentures. Can Dr. Hucklebridge help?

Yes! Loose dentures are embarrassing and can cause you to shy away from friends and family. Eating becomes uncomfortable, and speech indistinct. Over time, jaws with missing teeth lose density, causing dentures, especially the lower one, to lose their secure fit. Dr. Hucklebridge combats this problem with dental implants. Implant-retained dentures hold replacement teeth securely in place, eliminating slippage and restoring a comfortable fit. Call to schedule your implant-retained dentures consultation today.

What types of implants does Dr. Hucklebridge use?

As a leader in implant dentistry, Dr. Hucklebridge works with several leaders in the field of dental implant technology, including Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Lifecore, to name a few. We want what’s best for our patients, and we’ll select implants from the system that best serves you and your unique needs. Learn more at your dental implants consultation.

Do you treat out-of-town clients in addition to dental implant patients?

Many Plano Smile Studio clients travel across the country to be treated by Dr. Hucklebridge and his dental implant team. They trust his skill and experience and respect his reputation as a leading cosmetic and implant dentist. To accommodate our out-of-town clients, we gladly assist with hotel, transportation, and travel arrangements. Call today, and a friendly member of our staff will be happy to help you.

Does Dr. Hucklebridge use CT scanning technology?

Yes. Your dental implant practitioner utilizes state-of-the-art CT scanning equipment to assess bone size and precisely plan implant placement. Optimal insertion of the implant posts is crucial to dental implant success. Dr. Hucklebridge relies on leading-edge technology and his advanced training and experience in the field of implant dentistry to personalize treatment for every patient and create strong, beautiful smiles. Call to learn more.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Implant-supported replacement teeth require the same care as natural teeth. Brush and floss daily, and visit our office regularly for checkups. We’ll work with you to set up a personalized follow-up schedule to promote implant health and longevity. Contact our office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hucklebridge.