Teeth Extractions


Plano Tooth Extraction

Your Plano dentist always aims to preserve your natural teeth. However, extraction may be the only way to restore function and appearance in certain cases. Teeth Extraction is performed when the tooth is too damaged or diseased to be saved by root canal therapy,gum disease has caused significant bone loss, and the tooth is impacted. It is also done to prepare your mouth for braces and the placement of full or complete dentures.

Extractions at Plano Smile Studio are routine procedures. Your dentist removes the tooth with minimal discomfort and excellent results. Depending on the patient’s age and preferences, local or IV anesthetics are used. Dr. Hucklebridge can also prescribe sedatives to help anxious and fearful patients relax.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come out. When there isn’t enough space in the jaw to accommodate the wisdom tooth, it erupts partially or gets stuck in the gums. This impacted tooth leaves an opening for bacteria to enter and promote infection. It can also cause cysts and tumors. Extraction is recommended to avoid problems.

Extraction for Braces and Dentures

Some teeth may have to be removed for orthodontic appliances to work properly. Braces should be able move your teeth freely to the desired position. Extraction is also necessary for patients who are getting full dentures or dentures that replace a whole arch of missing teeth.

The Procedure

Extractions are performed in our modern surgical center. The dentist uses local or IV anesthetic to numb the area completely before pulling out the tooth with special dental instruments. You may feel pressure as the dentist rocks the tooth to loosen it from the socket, but the whole experience is painless. Tenderness and swelling after the procedure are normal and should go away in a few days.

Learn how teeth extractions can be painless and comfortable. Schedule a consultation with your Plano dentist today.